Heart Tide Releases New Song "Silence"

Keeping up with Finland, Heart Tide has released a new song called Silence. The outfit revealed the track with an aesthetic black and white streaming video just like they have done with all the previous releases. Frontman Samu Hietainen feels that this is the tune newcomers should visit first.

''I feel like this is the song I imagined to write after Alright. It just didn't come right after it and even when I got the inspiration it took like solid two months to finish it. But you can definitely hear it in the songwriting and the arrangement, the amount of detail and effort. Lyrically I always want to leave the listener to figure out their own meaning but this is the first Heart Tide song I didn't write them about specifically about myself, I tried to combine a personal and a global perspective into them. This time I wrote the music first so I spent a lot of time creating the layers upon layers to make it sound like it belongs to an arena. If you want to show one Heart Tide song released so far to someone else, this is it.''

Heart Tide has released seven songs so far and there's still couple more to come this year. Check out their latest song "Silence" HERE.

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