BRATS Reunite with Fans During Mini Tour

Girls rock band BRATS took to the road in late June to promote the release of their double-A-side single “Ainikoiyo” / “Nounai Shoukyo Game”.

The band, led by sisters Rei and Aya Kuromiya, reunited with fans in a series of signing sessions and mini-concerts at Ikebukero Live Inn Rosa (June 21), Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa (June 22), Tower Records Osaka (June 23), Village Vanguard America-Mura, Osaka (June 24), Village Vanguard Nagoya Chuo (June 24), Tower Records Nagoya Parco (June 24), and Tower Records Yokohama Vivre (June 25).

Band members and fans alike were excited for the chance to reunite since BRATS had taken a break from live activities for over 2 years. BRATS finally broke their silence with their March 29 “Reborn” concert at Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa, where they debuted several new songs in a performance recorded for the special edition release of the CD.

Rei Kuromiya (vocals): “After re-starting the band’s activities, this was our first chance to experience the energy of our music together with fans outside of Tokyo. Even though it was just a short time, it was a very fresh and very special experience for me, and now I want to push even harder to do this on a bigger stage.”

Aya Kuromiya (bass): “It was so much fun doing these lives and in-store events. We could get really close to the fans. I got nervous each time, though. ‘How many people are going to show up? Is anybody going to be there?’ But each time the fans were there to greet us and have a good time, so it ended up being so much better than I had hoped!”

Hinako (guitar): “It was my first time performing with everyone in the band outside of Tokyo, and I was really happy — and surprised — that people were waiting to meet us and enjoy our music even from far away places. It makes me want to travel more and get more people to know about BRATS.”

BRATS will perform a free live concert at Ikebukero Live Inn Rosa on July 20 for 200 fans selected by lottery who purchased the CD on release day.

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