Tokio Hotel Interview

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Tokio Hotel and when the band got together?

Tom: Well, Bill and I started doing music when we were about 7 years old. I got into playing the guitar...
Bill: And I wanted to become a singer since I was 6. So Tom and me started writing songs and performing at little parties, birthdays, weddings and in little clubs.
Tom: And there we met Georg and Gustav.
Georg: I met Gustav at music school.
Tom: That's like eight years ago and we all went to school back then.

2. How can you compare your German albums "Schrei," and "Zimmer 483," to your American album "Scream"?

Bill: "Scream" is a mixture of "Schrei" and "Zimmer 483". After fans all over the world started to pick up our music we started to think about doing an English album. Our lyrics are really important to us and we wanted people to understand them right away. So we decided to do it and picked our favorite songs from the first and second German album and translated them.

3. What's the fan base comparison to Europe and U.S.A. ?

Tom: It's not about countries; you can't differ by where our fans are from.
Bill: Yeah, every fan is individual. But what they all have in common is that they are very engaged and committed, they live this live with us, travel with us. They are very energetic and loud - what we love!
Tom: Yes, and that's what they all have in common!

4. Where did you get some of the song lyrics and ideas for "Scream"?

Bill: Everything can inspire me to write a song. Things out of our lives or the lives of our friends or letters of our fans. Especially the second German album "Zimmer 483" is inspired by our fans.

5. What's it like be nominated for a MTV Video Music Award?

Bill: That was incredible. I mean, we just started in the States and none of us expected something like this ever. So being nominated was the best thing ever - being nominated twice was already unreal. Winning the MTV VMA for "Best New Artist" is just crazy. (Laughing) We're still trying to realize that it really happened, that our fans made this happen for us - they are just incredible!

6. What are your expectations for "Tokio Hotel" in the future?

Tom: At the moment we are in the studio to work on the third German album which will also be translated into English. But we're not about expectations or plans. There is no pressure on us or already a set release date. It will be ready when we think it's ready - it always went this way. All we ever wanted was to do our thing, playing live and travel the world. (Laughing) Whenever had a masterplan to conquer the world. Whenever we heard, that we have fans in another country, we went there to see what's going on there and to give it a try.
Bill (laughing): Yes, and none of us ever expected something like this. We ask ourselves all the time: Is that it?! And it's going on and on and on. We just hope that we can continue and keep on doing this as long as possible. We want to be on stage as long as we can stand up ...
Tom (Laughing): Yes! A world tour would be nice as well...

7. What do you think about performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Bill: That was great! We really love the show and it was two days after the VMAs, so we were really glad to play live for our fans after getting the award and before traveling back to Germany!

8. Any other thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Bill: We want to thank all our fans for your incredible support we are really overwhelmed by your engagement. We see you guys soon!

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