Bornless Fire's Kristof says a New Album is Underway for the New Year!

Bornless Fire is the latest and newest creation from Kristof Bathory. Whose previous work has been with his other acts like Dawn Of Ashes and Urilia. This time around Bornless Fire takes a whole another direction than those projects had done, this time it is purely raw and nasty industrial music. Kristof goes into discussion about Bornless Fire, as well as the current process of their new album and future plans.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Kristof: This is a brand new project that is currently in the works.  I am currently at this time, writing, producing, and basically running the show on my own with the help from my live members. I created this Industrial project because of the high demands from fans, that have been requesting that I do Industrial / Dark-Electro again. It features live members from Bile, Carved Souls, and Dawn of Ashes.

2. How would you describe your style?

Kristof: The main goal for the style is to bring back a sound from the late 80s, the mid 90s, and the early 2000 era. Creating raw and nasty Industrial music.

3. Which bands have influenced your music?

Kristof: I am usually influenced from my own writing capabilities and feel that this band is where I left off after "The Crypt Injection". However, I am very much inspired by old Wumpscut, Nine inch Nails, old Leatherstrip, Hocico, and Suicide Commando with this project.

4. What topics are your songs about and how do you get inspiration for your song writing?

Kristof: All my current lyrical content in any project that I am involved in is always going to be about my knowledge from the Left Hand Path and my personal views about the conditions of our human society.

5. When can we expect to hear something from this Bornless Fire?

Kristof: Closer to the beginning of 2018. Metropolis Records will be releasing the debut album closer to that time.

6. What do you have in the works as far as new music for this project, will we be seeing an EP or LP or perhaps both?

Kristof: There will be a full length album that will be released by Metropolis Records in early 2018.

7. Why go with a name like Bornless Fire? Does it have a meaning to go along with it?

Kristof: The name Bornless Fire was based partially on the "bornless ritual" from the Greek/Egyptian origin that was introduced in the Goetia. The word "Bornless" means headless or that which has no beginning. The Black Flame or Divine spark is something within all human beings that the practitioners of the Left Hand Path taps into with the use of Magick. That spark is the core of personal evolution within each individual. In our society it has been beaten into mankind to follow a mechanical lifestyle and to be blinded by ignorance. This fire within us, helps us all to wake up and lead our own paths.

8. So Bornless Fire is suppose to take the likes of Dawn Of Ashes' earlier style and sound. So why go as far as creating Bornless Fire, instead of just sticking with Dawn Of Ashes and releasing something that was to the original style and sound in the first place?

Kristof: Dawn of Ashes has a history of swapping genres and needs to stay in a place where it needs to stay. DOA is a Metal band with subtle influences from Industrial which means that I need to separate the genres and create something that would please that other side of the fans. I'm resurrecting an era, but under a different name while also developing something refreshing and new that has zero history.

9. You have several projects at hand now, Dawn Of Ashes, Urilia, and Bornless Fire. Will we ever expect to see this trio playing a show and or touring together? Would that be something you would consider?

Kristof: Well, Urilia has been dead for some time now, so technically I only have two projects. As far as both projects performing together goes, I highly doubt it since my goal is to separate the two but who knows. I can't predict the future of where things stand.

10. Can you tell me the differences, comparisons, and equals to Dawn Of Ashes, Urilia, and Bornless Fire?

Kristof: Bornless Fire is pure Industrial.

11. What do you have planned for the rest of this year, in regards to Bornless Fire and Dawn Of Ashes?

Kristof: Mainly writing this album.

12. Will we be seeing any showcases or tours coming from either project?

Kristof: Hopefully closer towards the end of 2017 / early 2018 when its closer to the release date of the album.

13. Anything else you would like to disclose?

Kristof: make sure to follow Bornless Fire on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you everyone for the support.

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