Stellarscopes - Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost

No words can express how difficult it was to disclose the album that is "Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost" by the Stellarscopes. It was mind bogglingly how well of an album this turned out. For it is so well rounded to being such a crafted piece of effort, there are so many elements in play. You can a douse of the past era's of the 80's, 90's, to other depths of the world, Britain's pop and punk scene out of the U.K. regions for one. For another you just get one of those albums that just leaves you in wonder and wisdom.

That is truly what happens when you listen to Stellarscope's "Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost". "Don't Belong", kicks things off for the little record, as it begins to suck you inward, into it's out of this world reality, its instrumentation as well as vocal chords engulfing you in mystery and fear to what you hear. The vocals done rather well in fact, so much so that the instrumentation used throughout the album along with the vocals, is more crafted than you could have imagined possible.

It just gives off this eeriness to the ear. The constant use of mystery, invading the minds of the listeners. The entrancing vocal chords continuing to pull on you, taking you ever so deeper into each track, including others like "Falling", "Only Strangers Now", "So Long", "Nothing To Me", and "No Reason Why". All of which having a similar styling to them, each maintaining the noted musical sources mentioned before. Same has to go for the vocal chords on these track selections and the album as a whole piece really.

You just get this constant flare up of this music being from a time before. Bringing to mind other acts of our time, like The Cure, 45 Grave, Depeche Mode, and even Muse. Mixture of the past and present really, giving you real glimpse into how crafty the Stellarscopes can be with their minds and music.
"Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost", is an album of emotion, phrase, and the unknown. Surely being one that will become recognizable by all in little to no time at all for many. Due to a little known thing called a name, belonging to the Stellarscopes.

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