Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs

Frank Migliorelli is there nothing that this man will not do? Guess there is not because he sure has quite the resume when it comes to his career in music. He has works ranging from solo to his band The Dirt Nappers. Who just so happen to release their sophomore offering "Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs". An organic yet direct approach to the roots of all that is folk rock, with some well rounded angst that is Americana. This is what "Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs", is all about.

On their previous debut release "City Eastern Serenade" such positivity came from that release, with so much support to back it up. that a good enough butt whipping was kicked into effect, to keep the writing afloat. Hence why this album takes it all back to its basic of roots. For instance Frank went into such detail in an interview about the album, that he had said that the first album was done with a lot of overdubs, multiple people playing tunes, a long of time to put it altogether. He liked how it came out but his head was just getting back into the groove of things like producing a real record again. There were things he wanted to do differently as well the next time around which is done with this album.

The overdubs and takes of the band playing being the least amount needed, so the instrumentation was kept on the down low. It was just as the title says "Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs", no other piece of instrument was put into play, no synths, horns, none whatsoever. If any source of overdubbing was put into play at all it was for specific parts or ideal purposes only. On the album only samples of sounds here and there can be heard placed throughout the album.

Like take "Wound Up Woman", it uses piano, guitars, bass, drums, and the vocals, sounding very reminisce to the 50s era. Whereas "Someone Else's Dream", "Rockin' In The Moonlight", take the more acoustic route, being more of the ballads of the album. That for one is an interesting stretch. Other tracks like "I've Been On My Knees", "It All Falls Down On Me", and "Baby Put A Dress On", are more the more outgoing of tracks off this album. They pick up the pace, keeping the tone of the music, flowing ever so freely, that you find yourself bopping to the beat. That is how this album rotates itself really, it has some tracks that are very mellow with others being outgoing to the point of refusal of listening to the album. It is just chalk full of solid pieces of work, upbeat tone, catchy lyrics, it is really a flawless source of effort that is so fun and yet so entertaining to hear.

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers have got one piece of recording that takes all there is of those "Bass, Drums, Guitar and Organs", putting it to good use. It is what happens when you get back to your basics and roots of the manner. You get music that gives you that kick in the butt.

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