Danny Everitt - Dream Big

"Dreams do come true" is one of those sayings of expression, by all if not by many on this planet we call home or the scientific term being Earth. For "Dream Big" by Danny Everitt is the title choice he went with for this latest piece of work he likes to call folk music.

To many folk, country, and blues are a mixture of the varying kind to listeners of music. These genres being so out there, that not many partake in listening if at all. While that may change for the better when listening to Danny Everitt's vocal chords, with well crafted instrumentation, hands down, this is one album that will kick ya where it hurts best.

Case and point being that "Dream Big", is an album of style, strength, and tradition for the singer/songwriter. He takes varying tracks like the title track, that really breaks open the album as a whole. So much energy is put into effect with this opening number, you get that rhytum engulfing you instantly that you find yourself smiling as you tap your feet and bob your head to its train of beats.

"My Son", is the following little number, reflecting the mood of defiance. Whereas "Get The Hook", is really the only track to keep the energy a float. Loads is put in here with this track alone, while the rest of the album is built upon ballads of acoustic works of the mellow kind. Like take "The Tables Have Turned", "Slipping Away", and "Love Is For All Times". These selections right here, are what make these acoustic ballad pieces really mellow you out when hearing them. They are very paid back, easy listening types of work. Keeping the instrumentation and vocal work, done right, and really thought out.

All in all though, "Dream Big", by Danny Everitt is one piece of fine yet handy work. For this may be one of those turn of the moment releases, that will find you adjusting yourself to a wider variety of music. Now there is no harm in that now is there or is there. That is all on you as you are the listener in hand, hence the one with the option to "Dream Big" in terms of the musical appreciation.

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