Highland Kites - I'm Not Weak

"I'm Not Weak" is a line that Daniel Radcliffe spoke of in the timeless classic of a film and book series known by many as Harry Potter. Radcliffe playing the boy wizard Harry Potter through its extensive movie bill, him lining these words as his potions Professor Severus Snape responded with "Then prove it". What does this Harry Potter motivation lingo have to do with the likes of Marissa Lamar and her alternative folk indie rock trio the Highland Kites, well it just so happens that "I'm Not Weak", is the title of her latest EP. So it is not just a line from a film and book series with a person of magical talents. For it is the musical traits that do battle here. Which in itself is magical.

Marissa has said that this EP in particular is the most definite release she is the most proud of out of all of the catalog that she and her band has released thus far. She says that as a song writer it has to be the most honest thing she has ever done. In regards to the content upon this EP. The lyrical content being very thorough with her lifestyle, as she dealt with an illness, she experienced so many emotions, pain, having to come out of it all stronger than ever before, her life was tested. Yet she was able to conjure it all, facing the reality of the worse, feeling stronger.

When it came down to the music off this album, musically it is a bit of a experimentation of sorts, more sounds and textures layered throughout the EP. A lot of the tracks sounding very similar in style to that of another local up-and-comer named Nostalghia. Her style being very emotional drive, dark, intense, heavy, mellow, yet soulful with such pride and passion, that Highland Kites does the precise same deal on this EP "I'm Not Weak". You get a bit of all of that really especially on tracks like "Monster", "You'll Never Know", and the title track "I'm Not Weak".

There is just this douse of emotion, you cannot say that word enough on this release. It is just how much there is to offer off here. So much meaning, strength, power, pride, and passion. Marissa has always aimed to create that sense of hope, closure, into each of the songs, inspiring positivity that was truly uplifting and compelling. It's all here within the lyrics, music, even the artwork behind this EP it all revolves around how much emotion one can go through and face in their time of place.

"I'm Not Weak", is just one of those EP releases you come across on a glimpse. Not really getting the full on effect of it, first hand, but hearing it just a few more times through, it begins to settle in. You then accepting of what is to be said and seen. As the track "Monster", says "Am I a monster so it seems. A nightmare lost in a dream". We are our own monster, stuck in a dream that cannot be outrun, but only accepted for who or what it is, only then will we see it through.

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