Your Name a Film for the Ages

Whenever a film makes an impact, it's hard to tell the audience it has reached. In the case of Japanese culture with its animated films and television programming in short titled anime, Japan as well as the U.S. have taken quite the liking to its cultured structure and how it's films and TV series, have been created, dating back to way back when, up until present day today. "Your Name" is one of those anime titles, that was released in 2016, which it was based off a novel by Makoto Shinkai, he took that and turned it into an animated film of the same name, and concept of the novelization. The ending results of it, are still being discussed today.

Your Name was animated by CoMix Wave Films, and distributed by Toho, having premiered at Anime Expo's 2016 edition, in Los Angeles, California during the fourth of July weekend, and then released in Japan one month later, who knew how much word would be said and spread about one single film. That is what happened once Your Name hit the big screens first rotation being in Japanese dialog which was later re-released with English subtitles to be re-released again in an English dialog version for U.S. audiences.

When it comes down to the film, the animation, music, and story structure is pretty simple, yet very overwhelming too. Everything with this film just works so well it's hard to resist its creation as a whole. In regards to its story, it's a mixture of body swapping, adventure, love, and time travel? Yes indeed, that is all that is presented and needed for this film, to have it be one of those films you just have to see for yourselves.

Beside's that being part of the concept, the rest of the story revolves around a girl Mitsuha a high school girl, living a small town in Japan's mountainous Hida region, where she is bored of the country life and wishes she was a handsome Tokyo boy. Taki is a high school boy living in Tokyo, Japan, the two of them begin switching bodies out of nowhere, with no reasoning as to why. The story continues from there, having the two showcase each other's day to day activities, leading up as to why and how this may be happening with some surprises and left turns hitting here and there. It ends up being quite the story, in the long run, one that will bring a tear to your eye even. If not that, it will likely move you in some shape or form. If nothing like that happens during your viewing then perhaps the film just isn't for you.

Your Name was run in numerous variations of a limited run, including most recent being a run of both the English dubbed as well as the English subtitled versions, a lot of the showing's selling out rather quickly. Whereas the North Hollywood, California showcases weren't so much of a sellout but a welcoming of sorts, as fans small, middle, and large in their view cases, were pleased either way.
Keep Your Name as one of those films, you can watch and enjoy, just as all the other if any anime releases, you may have come across, whether that have been Spirited Away or even Howl's Moving Castle; Your Name, is a film that has dominated the globe, with it's beauty, mythical essence, and well being of having you ask, Your Name?

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