Summer Hairstyles to Create with Donald Scott NYC Hair Tools

The hair that you wear has a significant impact on your appearance and can determine how confident you feel. Hair trends evolve and change each season for both men and women to match the weather outside. When you want to embrace the spring and summer season, there are a few hair trends that will make you turn heads.

Blunt Layers

Blunt layers that are long and are cut below the collarbone will create a feminine hairstyle that looks chic while spending time in the sun. The hair will add balance to those with heart-shaped faces because it lengthens the cheekbones. It will also soften the look of the jawline and will create the illusion of a slimmer face. Create layers with a razor cutting technique, which will make the hairstyle to look bold.

Edgy Pixie

Edgy pixies are perfect for those who have oval or heart-shaped faces with a haircut that can be created with the use of razor cutting techniques. Ask the hairstylist to make it longer and choppier on the top and layered in the front. The look is perfect for women who have straight or wavy hair that is easy to manage. Avoid creating this hairstyle if you have curly hair, which can make your mane look frizzy in the summer season. If you have a longer face, add more volume on the sides to draw the eyes outwards instead of downward.

Short Shag

Short shag hairstyles will allow you to rock a bob that falls above the chin and is edgy. You can create feathered ends with a razor cutting technique and have side-swept bangs, which will flatter those with heart face shapes. Add diagonal fringe highlights to highlight delicate features on the face and create a youthful look.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs that are deep and thick will make you enjoy rocking a fun haircut that is perfect when spending time outdoors. You'll have an easy time keeping the hair out of your face while staying active. Heart and oval faces will benefit from the hairstyle because it can downplay large foreheads and soften the features. The bangs don't need to have layers, which makes it necessary to make use a high level of precision with the length.

Voluminous Lob

Voluminous lobs are sultry when you want an easy hairstyle that doesn't require too much maintenance. Cut the hair below the collarbone and use thinning shears to create layers that are hidden. The uneven layers work to create extra volume and thickness that will allow your mane to look healthy and vibrant.

Donald Scott NYC's razor hair cutting tools are used by top hairstylists to create modern looks. The DS/X4 RAZOR is a popular product from the brand that is a finishing tool for extra precision with each haircut. It makes cleaning and finishing the hair easy to perform when you want to make a few touch ups.

The Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist razor prevents tension or stress from being placed on the write when you're creating shorter shapes and textured looks. It's known as the perfect tool to use when surface carving to blend the hair and prevent scissor marks from being present.

The Donald Scott NYC Chop Stik Pro Razor removes weight by weaving the hair with its tapered end. It's lightweight, making it easy to have more control over the tool when you want to create a precise hairstyle. The razor is also constructed out of aluminum, making it extremely durable and easy to use long-term.

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