Icon For Hire's Ariel Gets a Chat in After a Long Time Coming!

Icon For Hire have been a thing now, for sometime, releasing a handful of albums, played shows and done tours, with even more music, touring, and showcases on the way! Frontwomen Ariel discusses what the band has been up too, since our last discussion, quite sometime ago!

1. First off, who are you, and what is it that you do in Icon For Hire?

Ariel: My name is Ariel, I sing and write in Icon For Hire.

2. Did you know, that it has been 6 years, since we last spoke and which was the first time, talking with you guys?

Ariel: Wow that’s crazy! Thank you for helping spread the word about our band back then, and again now.

3. Can you give us a brief summary, as to what the band has been up, between then and now?

Ariel: We’ve released three full length albums, toured the world, and have embarked on various creative side projects. Our little fanbase has turned into a big fanbase, and they helped us create our latest album, after we left our record label. We’ve drank about six thousand liters of Starbucks coffee, and have driven our Chevy van like 300,000 miles across the continent.

4. Back then, we discussed your album titled "Scripted", what other releases, have you released since then?

Ariel: We did our self titled album, Icon For Hire, an EP featuring Now You Know, and then more recently released our 3rd full length,You Can’t Kill Us.

5. Did Icon For Hire, change up their style choice, because in some of the newer tracks, you have taken the rap rock approach, whereas on "Scripted" it more rock based. Why the change up, or was there no change at all?

Ariel: I have always appreciated the rap/rock dynamic-Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine are among my favorite bands. I think with Scripted we were still testing the waters. Since then, we’ve learned to take more risks and care less about people’s reactions. We have a lyric on the new album that says, “We’ve unscripted, now we do what we want”, and that’s how it feels.

6. Back to the previous interview, you mentioned of your EPs being self-released, produced, but it's been sometime since their release. Can we expect a re-release of those EPs in the future?

Ariel: That would be awesome! We would love to rerelease those EPs, but unfortunately I don’t think our old record label would allow us.

7. Back then as well, you guys were signed with Tooth and Nail Records, is that still a thing, or did you get re-signed to another label or are you doing the DIY approach as you previously had done before?

Ariel: We are currently an independent band, and we are completely loving it. The creative freedom and being able to do it all on our own terms is priceless. That said, we do have a great team supporting us, that help bring our vision to life.

8. What's new in the recording of your music, have anything new on the horizon?

Ariel: We are working on a side project, an acoustic album, where we're taking our current songs and reworking them. We love working with big guitar chords and heavy pop production, but we thought it’d be cool to play around with the songs and distill them down to their essence.

9. You will be heading out on tour, what can we expect from this touring cycle, anything different or new, or same old route for you?

Ariel: We have actually added a lot of new elements to our live show, including some songs we’ve never played before. We are heading out with Assuming We Survive and October Sky, and we really just can’t wait to get back out there connecting with our fans.

10. Anything else you would like to say or add on?

Ariel: Thank you for the chance to share our music! We would love to meet any of your readers on the upcoming tour-come out and say hey!

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