Vista the Trio of Three Talks of the Henchmen

Rock trio VISTA have been busy writing and recording for their new song turned single "Henchmen" released this past Friday the 13th 2017. This followed the previous release that was their debut EP a self-titled effort, that saw the band hitting the road left and right. Now that this single has been released, the band has so much more lined-up.

1. Why did you want your band to be a trio, as opposed to a full on group with 4-5 members. Do you think being a trio makes things better or worse?

Greg: Some things it makes easier, some harder. Putting together the live show can be a little tighter. Putting together recordings and writing can be much easier.

Hope: Yeah, I’m down with keeping this a trio. I love the dynamic between the three of us and I’m super comfortable with it!

Matt: I’ve always been a fan of trio bands. It's just been a hard road finding another member with the same passion and vision. It varies per situation as to how easy or hard it can be for us though.

2. You went and wrote and recorded a new song and single called "Henchmen" which will be released on January 13th 2017, did you know that this date was also Friday the 13th?

Greg: It kinda fits the song. When you listen to it, it feels like you’re living in a world of friday the 13th’s.

Hope: I have the worst luck on Earth. So it definitely is kinda fitting. It actually does fit the tone of the song too. “Henchmen” has a hopeful sort of vibe, so maybe our luck won’t be so bad that day??

Matt: I never noticed that till you said it. I was more in awe that it's the same day we're playing with Against the Current, haha.

3. Besides this single, have you written any other material in terms of a follow-up to your debut EP "Versus". What can we expect next another EP or a full-length release, or is there no telling or knowing of that just yet.

Greg: Yeah, we are toying with a bunch of ideas now for songs. There isn’t really a concrete telling of what will be next, we have to feel out the material and song ideas as they come to us. We are working diligently though.

Hope: Definitely going to have another EP out by Summer. No plans for a full length as of right now! Writing and recording a solid EP is for sure the next step.

Matt: Seeing how kids are nowadays, always wanting more new music as fast as you just dropped it, and EP would be best. We have different ideas but are trying to solidify those into actual songs right now.

4. Why did you want to go and release just this single instead of a full release?

Greg: Since me and Matt joined, we definitely needed to put our “print” out into the world for fans to hear. We wanted to get that out as soon as possible.

Hope: Yeah, we were really eager to see what our studio dynamic was, as well as how we wrote together. I was stoked to bounce ideas off of these guys and really hear what they were going to bring to the existing VISTA sound. It came out pretty quickly, too!

Matt: I just wanted to get out of the shadow of Versus and have something Greg and I can go, “Yeah we had a hand in that!” We were all itching for new material.

5. What can be said about "Henchmen," does it have a story to be told?

Greg: It has a story for those who feel oppressed by something in this world, and who feel like they want to fight back against that force. Other than that, it’s a pretty baller tune that just rocks out.
Hope: Definitely inspired by current events and all that 2016 brought on. That can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, and it wasn’t written about one specific event, so hopefully that opens the gate to some more listeners!

6. Where did the idea for the band's namesake come into the picture, what does Vista represent and mean for the band.

Greg: VISTA just sounds cool to me to be honest. However, it is a word with a definition, but to me it just is a name that represents us.

Hope: Vista is actually my middle name! I go by Hope Vista for my stage name, because my last name is just super Polish and wayyy too long. When I went from solo to band, I wanted

7. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Hope: I usually get super dark when I write. I’m not sure why, because I’m really bubbly and outgoing. Writing music has just always been a little dark outlet for me, though.

8. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Greg: Hell yeah! I work really hard when I write, to be cohesive, not lame, fairly original, and just interesting in general. I just try to create what I want to hear, what I think is appropriate at a part. Usually, the strongest part of a song comes first for me when writing.

Hope: Oh yeah. We’ll always write our own songs! I usually bang out verses pretty quickly and then struggle on a chorus. I go in a weird order. Verses, bridge, anything in between, chorus.

9. Who are your musical influences?

Greg: There are like way too many for this question, but; Carly Rae Jepsen, The Fall of Troy, Now Now, Donald Glover. Recently I’ve been listening to Tides of Man, and Anthony Green’s solo stuff.

Hope: My dad. Joan Jett. The Rolling Stones. Uhhhhh, 90’s pop artists. Which is the total opposite end of the spectrum, but that’s the era I grew up in! Aerosmith, Bon Jovi. Modern day I love Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson’s older stuff.

Matt: Angels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds to Mars, Brand New, the Beatles. I love soundtracks and ambient music too. I fall asleep to Explosions in the Sky or U137 every night. I'm a sucker for Selena Gomez too. I listen to everything really. From hip hop, to pop to rock to jazz. I love most music. Sorry country and EDM.

10. How do you describe your music to people?

Greg: Kinda like when you’re in the club with your homies and your favorite song comes on.

Hope: Whaaaaat. Hahaha. Big banger alt rock anthems!

Matt: Rock music with ambience!

11. What plans do you have for this next year?

Greg: We definitely want to play LOTS of shows, and put some more music out.

Hope: Yeah, so many shows. Definitely gonna start working on our next EP here after we finish out this week. You’ll see us in a lot of places! Hopefully :)

Matt: Writing and touring!

12. Would you like to say or want to add on anything else?

Greg: Yeah, thank you all so much! We really appreciate you.

Hope: Thank you for this interview! Enjoy “Henchmen” :-)

Matt: Thank you to those reading this and for you taking the time to interview us. It means the world to us! Best wishes to you all.

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