The Bunny The Bear's Matthew Talks of The Way We Rust

The Bunny The Bear have been around for nearly 10 years, that said, the band has played shows, toured, written and recorded music, including for their most recent effort to date, titled "The Way We Rust". One of two vocalists Matthew Tybor discusses the history of the band, new album details, and what the future has in-store for these guys.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Matthew: My name is Matthew Tybor. I'm one of two vocalists and the primary songwriter for The Bunny The Bear.

2. Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you initially form and is this the original line-up?

Matthew: I originally started this project back in 08'. Times were different. I was young and out of my mind back then, haha. The whole concept was honestly quite random. I was thinking one day and told myself "I should start a band called The Bunny The Bear, write some wacky tunes, and run around in a child's plastic rabbit mask."

As you may have noticed, it went a tad further than expected, ha. And no, this isn't the original lineup. I used to cycle through members faster than McDonald's makes a burger, haha. A few years back I opted to start taking the whole "Touring Musician" approach. I've been rotating out hired guns ever since.

3. Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

Matthew: Well, I think I answered that while answering your previous question. Accidentally, of course!

4. How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

Matthew: Hmm, I don't remember. But it wasn't long! I think I booked our first live gig almost immediately. At the time, It put a lot of strain and trying to make the music sound halfway decent in a very little amount time.

5. What are your memories of the performance?

Matthew: Oh man, it was horrendous. Terrible! No drummer, I was more nervous than I was the first time I touched a woman, kids were staring at us like we were high off our asses (Which, at the time, we probably were, haha.), and it was just terrible. Still, I wouldn't change it if I could.

6. How would you categorize the style of the band?

Matthew: Inconsistent. I'm honestly not quite sure, even after all these years. My writing style and the overall mood changes so drastically from album to album that this has always been a hard question for me to answer. I suppose that's not the best way to interest readers, though; it does keep things exciting!

7. Why the name The Bunny the Bear? What do a bunny and a bear have to do with music?

Matthew: Again, completely random. I wish I had an elaborate explanation or logical reasoning behind it.

8. Who are your influences and how have they shaped your bands sound?

Matthew: I listen to a wide variety of music. Everything from Chicago to Fleetwood Mac to Brand New to Placebo. I guess my taste in music is as all over the place as my writing.

9. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Matthew: I try to write as honestly as possible. I think, over the years, my lyrics have become a tad more straight forward, though. Maybe I'm just getting old, haha. I stick to writing about what I know... myself. And to be fair, I don't even know myself as much as I'd like to. I've been making it a point lately to change that. Still, I'm sure if anyone took the time to read through the lyrics of an entire album they would feel as if they know me. The emotional roller coaster that I call life comes through loud and clear.

10. Let's talk a little about your latest release, what are the listeners in store for with this release?

Matthew: TBTB is quite behind schedule, release wise. It's been over a year now since I've put out a full length consisting of entirely new songs. One is complete and set to release, though! The next album is entitled "The Way We Rust."  And it's something very special.

11. What is the concept behind the album and how did the idea come about?

Matthew: This next album takes a very in-depth look into the last two years of my life. There's been a lot of struggling, and way too much suffering. I've faced obstacles I never imagined I'd battle. But here I am, still breathing, haha. I guess I can say it's without a doubt the most honest album I've written lyrically.

12. What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

Matthew: It was long and strenuous. A lot of back and forth collaboration between my singer Joseph, a few others, and myself. I usually record an album in about a two-week time span. This album took a few months.

13. Why do you think people should check out your latest album?

Matthew: I think if you, at any time, have been a fan of my music... you'll genuinely love this next album. It's the most cohesive sounding musically, and it's extremely personal, and I would imagine relatable. Mainly because of the honesty.

14. How do you promote your band and shows?

Matthew: I tend to stick to a lot of social networking these days. I love talking with fans and getting as personal and one on one as possible.

15. How do you rate your live performance ability?

Matthew: Now that I'm dry and not drinking... 8 out of 10. Haha.

16. What does 2017 have in store for The Bunny the Bear? What are you most looking forward to this year?

Matthew: I'm not sure... but I know 2017 is bringing change. I'm just excited to see what happens!

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