The Bald Dog Project - 7 from Bedlam

A solo based project, turned into a full on project, when the likes of guitarist/song writer Johnnie L. Fast, decided to take full reigns on this project, going on to create a band that would take the sounds of rock and metal mixed together with acoustic, yes can the trio of genres work together into something amazing, or turn out to be something of a flop? Well when it comes down to it, The Bald Dog Project, that was built into the project from guitarist/song writer Johnnie L Fast, turned out to be actually not so bad.

After some time gathering together numerous musicians known between one another from other sources and projects, The Bald Dog Project was set and ready to go, going on to play live shows then go off to write and record an EP release titled "7 from Bedlam". The EP consisting of 7-tracks, so the title sticks right along with the material presented on this release, the EP itself is filled with acoustic heavy metal rock, that grasps that heaviness with the raw emotions and screaming tones that any other metal rock release would contain. Some of the songs that stand out would have to be such as "Homeless on 90", "Thorn In My Side", "Poison Me Smack", and "Beaten and Scarred".

These song selections, contain that energy and momentum that is The Bald Dog Project, the instrumentals being very easy going, as acoustic goes, while the vocal chords, lyrical context, go right along with it, having everything just work so well together. The music just plays out heavy yet mellow, vocal chords sounding just as mellow but extra heavy at times, making it just play out smoothly and easily with no issues at all. It's just a rather enjoyable piece to listen too, no matter which track you turn too, you get a interesting experience that you would be pleased with either way.

The Bald Dog Project's EP "7 from Bedlam" is as many others have called it as well as this project, an angry acoustic act and release, which is indeed what this is. Its acoustic meets heavy duty music, that works, perhaps working out too well at times, that these guys will surely be going places no problem.

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