Destinova - Nameless Goat

Destinova combines alternative with grunge can it work? Well on the new album "Nameless Goat", it does, quite well in fact. So much so, that the 11-tracks off the album, play out as if they are never ending. Each song just flows right into the next one. Like for instance "The King Around", "Road to Hell", "Nothing Left To Lose", and "Generation Zero", these song selections are probably the one's that stick out the most on this release. Each one is more catchier than the last, the lyrics stand out, with the melody popping way out, keeps it altogether, making the sound and style be fun and energetic. Surely this source material, would keep a crowd bouncing about, if not singing right along. Destinova's "Nameless Goat" is an album that has it going on, and will draw in the crowds with this band's unique and creative style and sound, with pure ease, no problem.

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