Rockett Queen's Walter Talks Recent and Upcoming Touring Experiences

Rockstars Rockett Queen will be hitting the road in the coming months, partaking in joining Scott Stapp on his touring cycle, while the guys also plan out further showcases beyond that, plus continuing promotion of their latest album "Goodnight California". Frontman vocalist/guitarist Walter Lee discusses their recent touring cycle where they were with Scott Stapp for the first time, before they jump upon his upcoming run.

1. You guys just wrapped up a tour alongside Scott Stapp, how was it for everyone, that was a part of it?

Walter: The tour was nothing short of amazing!! Everyone in the Stapp camp treated us fantastically and the fans we're some of the most open and receptive fans we've played for.

2. What can be expected from the second leg of the “Proof of Life” US Tour?

Walter: I think the second leg is going to be even better than the first. Now that we know what to expect a little more we hope to put together that much better of a show for this go round.

3. When you go on tour do you change things up and switch songs from show to show, or do you prefer sticking to one setlist throughout the entire cycle?

Walter: We usually try and stick to the same set list as much as possible. We're still promoting the "Goodnight California" record so we're trying to get those songs played every night. Sometimes we are shorter on time so we have to drop a few here and there but for the most part it's the same.

4. When it comes to performing each and every night does the time stand still or does it fly by when performing?

Walter: It seems like a blur!! But in a very good way. I think that's what keeps things exciting. We don't allow for a lot of down time on stage.

5. Do you have any strange or unusual happenings while out on the road or at a live show?

Walter: Man, not that I'm legally allowed to speak about. Haha. We do have they typical road hazards you know 2 blown tires, blacked out trailer lights, dropped transmission, replacing the axl on the trailer. That was all in the first week AND in a blizzard. It kinda became a big joke when we would show up and everyone on the tour would be like ok guys what happened this time??

6. When the show ends every night and the band walks off the stage; what happens does the band head backstage or straight to the tour bus/van, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

Walter: For us we run a very lean crew so one of us runs straight to the merch table and the other 3 head straight out to load the trailer. After those three are done we all meet up at the merch table till the last person/fan has left the building.

7. What's the best prank you’ve played on bandmates or other bands?

Walter: To be honest we don't really partake in any pranking. We've had some good ones ready for other bands but haven't yet acted them out. Ask us again in a few months. lol.

8. Who goes the longest without taking a shower?

Walter: Oh NOBODY we are all pretty clean guys.

9. How many times do you have to wear the same piece of clothing because you couldn't find a laundry matt?

Walter: I think we've all been stuck wearing the same stage clothes for far too long. That's just part of the game. We usually hang em in the trailer to air out over night so its not too bad.

10. Who has the worst tour hygiene?

Walter: Again I couldn't even say we're all pretty on top of tracking down the showers if they're available

11. Who has the worst dress sense?

Walter: No comment.

12. What has been the best hotel/motel that you have slept in and what made it the best out of all the others?

Walter: Man probably Traverse City was the nicest as far as it had some of the nicest scenery and interesting town to venture out in.

13. Who is the last one to get on the tour bus/van?

Walter: That would probably be me. I'm always doing a idiot check to make sure we're not leaving anything behind.

14. What do you miss most from home when you’re on tour?

Walter: Probably just the privacy of not constantly being around other people 24/7. We LOVE the road but a small break here and there to recharge is always appreciated.

15. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Walter: Well we're just planning on staying on the road as much as possible. May we're back out with Scott and we're currently working on going back out in June. We should be releasing the new single "Since You've Been Gone" from the "Goodnight California" album real soon as well.

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