While touring together in the U.S. earlier this year, VAMPS and Apocalyptica discussed the idea of doing more together! The musicians have joined forces for a fresh piece of music: the single "Sin in Justice."

For VAMPS, this is the first time they've collaborated with classically trained player and it's an experience they found inspiring."The creative process was pretty hectic," reflects Hyde of VAMPS. "I worked on the song during our South American tour, writing the lyrics and running through the vocal lines, and the Apocalyptica camp spent time with the music between their various other commitments. Actually, it all started pretty organically, out of a growing friendship; we listened to each other's demos, exchanged ideas, and things just grew from there. I think what we've ended up with is very fresh and certainly new for us. If our respective schedules allow, I'd love to work with Apocalyptica again..."

"Yes, we had a great time being on the road together," continues Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen. "We loved the idea and the experience of working together in this way. We're really proud of the song, and we hope fans of both bands will enjoy it."

Listen to the song HERE.

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