URBANGARDE Releases Anti-War Video "Kuchibiru Democracy"

Japanese trauma-pop group URBANGARDE has released a provocative new music video for "Kuchibiru Democracy", the lead song from their upcoming CD Showa 90.

The video's strong message of "Don't Kill The Words" is emphasized in trademark URBANGARDE style with dark, thought-provoking images of an atomic blast, militaristic uniformed rallies, and lead singer Yoko protecting herself from destruction with a gas mask bearing the band's logo.

Vocalist and band leader Temma points to the lyrics of the song to back up the stirring pictures which might be uncomfortable at first, and many Japanese television stations have refused to air the video for fear of controversy in Japan's currently sensitive anti-war climate.

"As young girls remember lipstick and kisses, lipstick-shaped missiles fall from the sky. The only way to oppose the war is love. Don't kill the words"

URBANGARDE has also released the jacket images for the regular and limited editions of the Showa 90 CD, due for release December 9. The band will re-create the world of the new album at "URBANGARDE 2015 XMAS SPECIAL HALL LIVE 'December in Showa 90'" in Tokyo and Osaka in December. Fans who pre-order the album at HMV will also receive a bonus gift CD.



01. Kuchibiru Democracy (Lips Democracy)
02. Love Letter Moyu (Burning Love Letter)
03. Coin Locker Babies
04. Shinjuku Mon Amour
05. Shijin-Gari (Poet Hunting)
06. Hako-Otoko Ni Kike (Listen To The Box Man)
07. SHOWA Kyujyu-nen Jyuni-gatu (December in SHOWA 90)
08. Aikon Aika (Icon Elegy)
09. Zombie Powder
10. Heisei-Shibou-Yougi (Heisei Death Game)
11. All Doubt Nippon

Check out the video HERE.

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