Madness Of Sorrow - III The Beast

Madness Of Sorrow is back again, with a third album under their belts this time called "III: The Beast". A song selection of 10-tracks that takes their usual style but heightens it with a more in-depth experience. Like for instance the vocal chords are more on the edgier side, while the instrumentals provide their own uniqueness to the music being portrayed. Such songs as "Seed of Evil", "The Army of Sinners", and "The Black Lady", showcase this tactic, just slightly, whereas other songs like "No Redemption", "Crucifixed", and "Evil Angel", heightens the music, expressing it further, having it be more edgier and aggressive. To put it simply it's heavy shit. This release is filled with songs that are unique, creative, and heavy, maintaining a raw, energetic, feel that keeps you on the edge.

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