Murder FM's Norman Invites YOU to Travel to Happily Neverafterland!

Murder FM have accomplished a lot since the previous times we spoke to them. Having gotten signed to a label, written and recorded material for their new full-length album "Happily Neverafter" with plans on touring and playing showcases left and right, the MFM fan base is clearly alive and well. Frontman vocalist/guitarist/programmer Norman Matthew discusses the band's newest album "Happily Neverafter" with all of it's fantasy tales intact.

1. You will be playing this year's Dirtfest 2015 on August 7th and 8th. But the 7th is the release date for "Happily Neverafter". Do you think this showcase and the release date were just a coincidence?

Norman Matthew: It was total coincidence at the timing could not have been more perfect! Essentially our "Record Release Party" is sharing the main stage with the likes of  DOWN, HELL YEAH, POP EVIL, PERIPHERY, FEAR FACTORY and COAL CHAMBER, how epic is that? The stars are aligned for MFM this time around.

2. Besides the obvious with playing this showcase, how will the band celebrate your debut album's release?

Norman Matthew: We will be kicking off the tour at "Dirtfest" and might throw in a surprise show the night before to warm-up, so keep your eyes and ears peeled if you are a fan of the band.

3. In one of our previous interviews you mentioned your new single "Lethal Lovers" off "Happily Neverafter". When will we be hearing this said single? Will there be a video accompanying it?

Norman Matthew: We have plans to release 3-4 singles off this record. Videos are a must, it's what we built our underground following on and really helps tell the story when you can see it visually.

4. In another one of our previous interviews you mentioned of a DVD, various box sets, deluxe editions, etc. being included with this new record, is that still a plan in the making or has that been put on the back burner?

Norman Matthew: It's always a plan. We have two previous releases that were underground and I would love to remix them, packaged them as a two disc set and release them with a DVD. The label and I also spoke the other day about having a vinyl release of "Happily Neverafter". It all really hinges on how well we do coming out the gate.

5. How did you and Famous Records Global/Pavement Entertainment come together? Are you pleased with what they have been doing for you thus far?

Norman Matthew: It was a trip how we came together honestly. I received an email one Friday night while going to get Chinese takeout and I was sitting at a stop light reading the email kinda like "yeah right, whatever haha!" I responded and next thing I know, the A&R rep was also the drummer for BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DARK NEW DAY, TOMMY LEE's solo band and it just rolled from there. We started the convos back in Sep 2014 and inked the deal in Feb. 2015. In November I met the label president in Nashville the night before Thanxgiving, flew me out on a whim. At that moment, I knew I liked the label and what they could do with the band.

6. What is the proper way to title your album's name "Happily Neverafter". Is it titled "Happily Never After" or "Happily Neverafter"?

Norman Matthew: "Happily Neverafter". The way I see it though, as long as people are talking about it, that's all that matters!

7. How about MurderFM's namesake, is it titled Murder FM or MurderFM?

Norman Matthew: Murder FM.

8. You mentioned the band's name meaning before, but it had me thinking it's called MurderFM. "FM" sorta references a FM radio station, so IF the band's name did refer to a radio station, which station number would you pick and what types of music would you play?

Norman Matthew: It doesn't reference a radio station at all. Factually, our bassist J6 came up with it, "Murder Fuckin' Music". We realized we might not get a lot of press, so we cut it up to Murder FM. I've always been terrible at band names, so it was nice for someone else to think of it haha! If we were a radio station, we would play MFM, all day, erday.

9. Why did you to re-release your previous single "We The Evil" and have it be included in "Happily Neverafter"?

Norman Matthew: We The Evil was actually supposed to be the lead single when were planned to release the record independently. REVOLVER Magazine premiered the video and it caught fire and changed the game for us, then we hit the road opening for ROB ZOMBIE, FOZZY, AVATAR,THE PRETTY RECKLESS, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEFTONES and we had really built some great traction. That lead to connecting with Famous Records Global and next thing you know, we are releasing the full length. They are differences though. First release of "We the Evil" was mixed by myself. The album version is sonically sooo much bigger. Legendary Platinum Producer Beau Hill (of Ratt,Warrant, Alice Cooper fame) mixed it, made some changes and really, it's a whole new cut unto itself, you can hear it from the first note!

10. "Happily Neverafter" the title and album artwork references the fairy tale classic Snow White. But does this album refer to this said fairy tale?

Norman Matthew: Not really, more so in the fact that life sometimes seems like a dark fairy tale of it's own. MFM is the poison apple and our music is the road you travel to Happily Neverafterland haha!

11. Does the album refer to a fairy tale real or imaginary?

Norman Matthew: "Happily Neverafter" refers to all of our own personal fairy tales. Each one of us have a story in the band. I drew from those inspirations, then designed the songs to be general enough to speak to anyone listening. I feel we were lucky enough to be able to play music and have a responsibility to be the "voice for the voiceless". I think the only thing I will never write about is politics. I like to live in my head, it's a nice place no one can touch haha.

12. If you could think up a fairy tale to revolve around this album, which type would you think up and why?

Norman Matthew: I don't know if it would be a fairy tale, but more like "Nightmare Before Christmas". That is visually one of my favorite movies I still get lost in.

13. Do you have a favorite fairy tale? If so, which and why?

Norman Matthew: The Dark Side of Grimm. Not favorite, but definitely dug them. Alot of surprisingly dark themes for their time.

14. What do you think it is about fairy tales, that has captivated everyone in existence?

Norman Matthew: The escape. That is something we are trying to give our listeners. An escape IN reality. We can't escape the world we live in, but we can find a way to make it through each day and escape within it.

15. What?s coming up for tours and shows?

Norman Matthew: Once we kickoff at "Dirtfest" we will roll hard. We aren't a band that tours over and over to wring the towel on our audience, we play where we want to, so when we are there, the audience KNOWS we want to be there and we will deliver and leave a piece of ourselves in every city on every stage.

16. Any last words for the friends and fans out there?

Norman Matthew: MFM was built by the fans, for the fans. Any success we have achieved and are about to achieve is because of YOU! We won't and don't forget that. thank you!

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