Little Charmers Charms Us All

Spin Master has put a spell on us all by releasing an all new toy line to tie into the new TV show called Little Charmers. The story goes like this in the magical land of Charmville, charmers or witches have special powers. Charmer-in-training Hazel and her best friends, Posie and Lavender, are still getting used to their powers. Fearless go-getter Hazel leads the group on adventures designed to break in their magical abilities. Even though Hazel knows her magic should be utilized for important things only especially while in training she can't resist helping people, fixing things or just having fun with it. Her powers sometimes backfire on her, however, and then it's time for Posie and Lavender to back her up.
Little Charmers, Poise, Hazel, and Lavender
That said, Little Charmers will have it's own toy line with products currently available for pre-order online via Amazon and Walmart and soon to be retailer stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and more! Check out some of it's products in the video HERE as well as below. Amazon pre-orders available HERE, Walmart HERE, and Toys R Us HERE. Check out the official website HERE and the APP HERE. Plus don't forget to check out the TV show on Nick Jr.!

Hazel out of the Box

Hazel in the Box

Posie out of the Box

Posie in the Box

Lavender out of the Box

Lavender in the Box

Hazel and Pet

Hazel and Magical Cape and Wand

Hazel that Talks, Magical Cape and Wand

Hazel's Flying Broom

Hazel's Flying Broom

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