One Eyed Doll - Witches

A duo act is quite something else but for One Eyed Doll it's nothing. This duo made up of Kimberly Freeman (vocalist/guitarist) and Jason Rufus Sewell A.K.A. Junior (drums), work together to create a style that is a little bit of everything; goth punk, horror punk, synth punk, experimental, and heavy metal quite the combo is it not? Well by combining all of these genres they have released an array of releases including their latest taking the concept approach called "Witches". When discussing this said release, Kimberly Freeman had this to say “This is a "concept" album and is based on historical research of the Salem Witch Hysteria."  Adding on that “Many of the lyrics are direct quotes from the original handwritten witch trial court documents. The songs explore different personal accounts from real people and touches on theories about why it happened. It's meant to be listened to in one sitting, from beginning to end, like a movie.”

While this concept is instated they did not just take use of these ideas with them during the writing and recording process, they took these pieces of works, to a place where the ambiance would fit the creative outpouring of the ideas that the members of the band were experiencing and expressing. “Even though this is probably our heaviest album yet, it was written almost completely on banjo and mandolin in the Redwood Forest near Santa Cruz, CA,” drummer “Junior” Sewell boasts. “It has this great "forest metal" vibe. It was also all written at once with several melodic themes that appear throughout the album. Though each of the songs stand alone, you can listen to it in one sitting and it feels like one long song like Pink Floyd "The Wall" or "Tommy" by The Who.”

When it comes down to it, this release is as the band says is heavy duty material like songs "Black In The Rye", "Witch Hunt", "Stillness",  and "The Ghosts Of Gallows Hill", really take all that's been said here and embraces it, allowing the music to travel throughout the release, from the start to the finish. The instrumentals for one, are catchy, very easy going and impressive, allowing the vocals to work along the top of it all, like floating if you will, as it all cycles together. The rest of the album aside from these songs, is pretty much the same ordeal, it's embrace and impressive, having the music and instruments working well together, that it makes it sound collective and creative more than it should.

One Eyed Doll have got a solid release here, and should stick to this formula more often because this one does work, and as said, it is quite impressive and very embrace to the listener hearing in on it all.

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