Ssanahtes - Self-Titled

A debut release whether that would be a demo, single, EP or full-length album, could be the hit or miss track for a musician. In the case of post metal act Ssanahtes, with their Self titled debut EP, they have taken influences from Meshuggah, Electric Wizard, Neurosis, and the New Orleans, now this combination could be a good thing or a bad thing for this release, it turns out to be in the middle. For instance, the band wanted to offer their listeners not one but two different listening experiences, one being loud while the other being louder. In both cases, both versions sound the same, they are equally loud enough. As for the rest, the instrumentals are easy going, but enjoyable, allowing the music to easily pull you by each of the melodies provided. While the vocals are raw and aggressive, screams echo on and off, pulling the instruments at it, than away from it, if that makes any sense. As far as the song selection goes only  "Black Dragon", tends to stand out the most on this offering. This debut EP makes the first impression and glimpse if you will, into how Ssanahtes sounds, in this case of release, it's in the middle for their style, sound, and music approach, you can like it or you can dislike it, it's up to the listener in question.

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