Requiem Changes Line-up with a Rebirth

Requiem has gone through some changes with it's line-up since releasing it's debut full-length album
"The Unexplainable Truth". Since that release, the band has gone on to release a video and even play some showcases and touring. But after their most recent touring run on the Where Darkness Plays Tour, a beginning transmission of rebirth has taken effect.... The band posting the following in regards to the changes and the future.

"Begin Transmission: REBIRTH

It's time to finally announce the new line up for Requiem. We are beyond excited to let everyone meet the new members, whom will be on the entire William Control, Requiem, Justin Symbol tour starting May 6th across the entire USA.

This is a new chapter for us all, and it's finally time to take our music to the masses. What does that mean? Well, it means national and international touring which we were never able to do before. Please welcome Angela on guitar/vocals (19 years old), Ryan Loomis on Drums (19 Years Old), and Corey on Bass and Vocals (19 Years old). 19 must be our lucky number, since we could not have met a better group of people.

Below are the members Facebook & Twitter pages. Hit them up. Welcome them to the family!
As to the past members, we love them like family, and we are all still friends. They have all moved on to other great things, and touring world-wide was just not what they wanted to do at this moment. With that said, keep checking back often with tour updates from the road! Requiem just scored a bus for the tour, so we will have a lot more time to chat and hang out with all of you after the shows!
Much love to everyone, and see you all very soon!


Angela on Facebook:
Ryan Loomis on Facebook:
Corey on Facebook:

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