Deez Nuts Releases Video for “What I Gotta Do”

DEEZ NUTS have released their "What I Gotta Do" video,

JJ Peters about the track and video: "I'm really excited to release 'What I Gotta Do' - it's by far the furthest we've stepped out of our comfort zone, but still somehow sounds 110% DN. I can't wait for the world to hear it and I'm very curious to hear what y'all's vibe on it is. We have actively avoided doing a 'party' clip like the plague in the past as it seemed way too obvious for us, but with 'What I Gotta Do' being the furthest thing from a party song vocally and lyrically, the juxtaposition of the frenzied party vibe video along with the track makes for a damn near sensory overload. If by watching it you have a thousandth of the fun we had making it, you'll have a hangover."

 Check it out HERE.

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