Sworn In's Tyler is He the Lover or the Devil?

Metalcore enthusiasts' Sworn In, formed in 2011, got things rolling for themselves, having gotten signed with record label, Razor & Tie, as well as releasing their debut full-length "The Death Card" (2013). Would lead them to going on tours, playing shows left and right, while working on a follow-up album entitled "The Lovers/The Devil". Frontman vocalist Tyler Dennen discusses that release, some brief insight into the band, and their plans for their extensive amount of touring.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Tyler: My name's Tyler and I am the vocalist of the band.

2. Can you tell me as to how the band got the name Sworn In?

Tyler: Hmm not a whole lot of meaning, our first bass player came up with it. We just rolled with it.

3. You released two songs off your new album "Sunshine" and "I Don't Really Love You" will those be made into videos or will other songs be picked?

Tyler: To be honest, it wasn't hugely our decision, our management and label had a big say in what came out when, so we thought "Sunshine" was a good bridge gaper between our first CD and this new CD with the style of sound, we're going for is more aggressive. The second song "I Don't Really Love You" shows a more extremeness of sound of how we got. Kind of easing people into a big progression. One of the will be a video and the other song has not been released yet.

4. What would you say are the bands biggest collective musical influences, and also individual ones that you feel can be heard in the record?

Tyler: I think a big influence would be hmmm. That's a real hard question to answer, because A. I don't write the music, I write the lyrics. Seeing from a song writers perspective would be bands like Meshuggah, Deftones, Slipknot, stuff like that.

5. Can you tell us how this album differs from your previous one? What can we expect and what is the message behind it?

Tyler: It's different in the way of being more progressive and less abrasive sound. The message is that it's still a conceptual record like our previous one. It's a two part record, first half being "The Lovers" the second half being "The Devil". The story, it develops into this dysfunctional relationship with these two lead characters a male and female, the male character in the beginning of the story is this obsessive, romantic, depressed, paranoid, jealous kind of character, and the female is the cold, unresponsive, character with the big walls up. Where the guy looses it, and in halfway through the CD, the roles are reversed, where he becomes the Devil and she becomes the Lover. It's kind of a cautionary tale I suppose.

6. Did you get the album that you wanted or was there more to it that you wanted to do?

Tyler: We got the album that we wanted 100%!

7. Do you think there is an element of the band’s sound that you would like to push out further on the next batch of songs?

Tyler: We haven't gotten that far yet. So far just waiting to release this record, kind of waiting to see what people think of it. If the people are digging the sound, then perhaps we'll progress further into the mainstream. Maybe we'll go into a different direction just waiting it out right now.

8. You will be doing an extensive amount of touring for the next couple of months. So what will the setlist look like, will there be more of the new stuff or the old stuff or a combination of both?

Tyler: Every tour will have a different set list with these upcoming tours, with these tours it will probably be our older material with a mix of the new stuff. When the record is released we'll probably throw more of those into the mix after people have heard the stuff.

9. What do you have planned for after these tours wrap up?

Tyler: I'm sure we'll keep touring. Nothing set in stone as of now.

10. How about 2015, what does Sworn In, have in-store?

Tyler: Pretty much it's all laid out online, we'll be touring in the U.S., Canada, Europe, then be heading over to Australia for the first time perhaps. Just  a lot of touring in the works!

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