Bite The Shark - Tantrum

Trio acts are always fun to witness, only a handful who stand out above the rest, for instance horror punk rockers Calabrese make it work quite well, while another act that plays metal called High On Fire does an extensive job. Well another trio of sorts calling themselves Bite The Sharks, have broken upon the scene since forming just a year ago. They released a single "First Blood", that exploded into festival appearances, shows, touring treks, leading them to record their debut EP "Tantrum". The hit single and video off it called "S.W.Y.D. - Sleep When Your Dead", really stands out the most on this release, the other tracks do as well, having that very upbeat tone, with the lyrical context not far behind. Speaking of which, their lyrical content revolves around the world and it's issues, affecting not only them, but everyone else as well, so a lot of their material has dealt with those matters. As far as the music goes, it is as said, upbeat very much so, the instrumentals like the guitars and drums, really working at it, releasing those tones that really put the groove to the beats. While the vocals are aggressive yet raw in some cases, like songs like  "Shiny Shoes", "Rock and Roll in the Soul", and "Kill Zone", these have the vocals showcase that raw and aggressiveness, so much so that it, makes the songs that more entertaining. When it comes down to it, Bite The Shark's EP "Tantrum" is one of those releases that is a solid one hitter, showcasing some pure talent, that doesn't only come from a trio act but one that makes it work out so darn well.

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