As Angels Bleed - Self Titled

Gothic metal tends to use the same formula however you look at it either a male or female front person takes the reins and material following that sounds the same. HIM, The 69 Eyes, and Lacrimas Profundere all sound the same whereas As Angels Bleed brings to mind Within Temptations, Lacuna Coil, with a cross fade of Evanescence with Epica. The sound of the band is one that heavily revolves around guitar riffs that develops a dark background with increasing keyboard tactics that makes the music sound soothing yet in-depth. Solos are presented throughout having a scattering effect while the vocals present a special tone having one of those finer elements that makes it sound superb yet impressive to say the least. With songs like "Desire", "Bloody Kisses", and "Sinfully Yours", really showcases the band's ability quite well indicating all of the instrumentals mentioned beforehand. As Angels Bleed is another one of those acts that falls between the lines of everybody else standing out as much as possible with their own take on the gothic metal trend of a style.

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