Davey Suicide is This Generation's Little Fuck Star!

Davey Suicide has been touring about with Vampires Everywhere! and Orgy and just released his self-titled debut as well. He takes sometime while out on tour to discuss the touring process and his thoughts about his debut release.

1. Davey Suicide is now a part of the Standby Records family, how does this make you feel? What does Standby Records bring to the table that no other label can? Are you satisfied with what they have to offer?

Davey: I'm glad I have an amazing band, great management team and booking agent.

2. With your new album you decided to go Self-Titled. Do you feel that's a big statement? Band's tend to name their albums self-titled when they feel it's indicative of the sound they've been trying to craft. Do you feel this is the sound you've been trying to achieve with the band?

Davey: This is what we are and it's the first real introduction into the Suicide World.  It felt right.

3. How did the writing process differ this time around as opposed to the past?

Davey: Growing up the songwriting would be 5 dudes in a basement.  We'd overlook and compromise important visions that way.  This way, it's Frankie, Needlz and I tearing ideas apart, rebuilding them and getting the best vision out.

4. Lyrically, do you think this album is going to have a different feel because of where you all are in this point in your life?

Davey: I've grown into myself and I've become confident in the artist that I am. It's indicative of that.

5. Can you tell us how this album differs from the previous EP release? What can we expect and what is the message behind it?

Davey: The EP was a small preview into this world.  The album has more of a spectrum of emotion, ups and downs and a theme that the EP didn't unleash yet.

6. Could you describe your song writing process? What comes first – the music or the lyrics?

Davey: There's no set formula.  I can have a lyric sheet and Frankie will bring over his guitar and it can happen that way.  I can put a look in Garage Band and play guitar to it and demo lyrics or Frankie and Needlz could come up with music and send it to me.  We've done it many ways and in the end, the monster has different faces.

7. How has the band’s sound evolved from Put Your Trust In Suicide to Davey Suicide?

Davey: Put Our Trust in Suicide was the tip of the iceberg.  It was simply a preview.

8. What are your expectations for the CD?

Davey: I can only hope it gives people a place to go when no one else is there.  I hope it gives our fans empowerment and I hope it gets more bands writing from their guts.

9. Have you or will you be shooting for a new video anytime in the future?

Davey: We just finished Kids of America with Chad Michael Ward which will be due out shortly!

10. You are on tour with Vampires Everywhere and Orgy. If you could think of one thing you would like to accomplish the most through this tour what would that be?!

Davey: We want to grow as a band to be able to headline and bring some of our friends bands out with us.

11. What did you do to prepare yourselves for this tour?

Davey: Make lists on paper and cross a few things out each day.  Leaving for tour is chaotic but luckily the more you do it, the easier it gets.

12. Being out on the road, do problems still arise between bandmates from being stuck in the van for too long?

Davey: Yeah, but luckily pull over to get gas every 4 hours.

13. Is there any song that when you play it live on stage makes your adrenaline levels kick in and make you want to go hyper?

Davey: Fuck Star is magical because it's the fan favorite right now.

14. When it comes to performing each and every night does the time stand still or does it fly by when performing?

Davey: Everything moves by so fast.  I barely have time to call my family.

15. What is one special effect or stage prop that you would want to use or see during your shows?

Davey: I want to fly down from the ceiling.  We're working on it.

16. Who goes the longest without taking a shower?

Davey: Frankie. He loves being dirty.

17. Ho w many times do you have to wear the same piece of clothing because you couldn't find a landry matt?

Davey: We try and do laundry once a week. Normally it works out.

18. What has been the best hotel/motel that you have slept in and what made it the best out of all the others?

Davey: Our label got us a rad hotel in Cleveland on the Noise Revolution Tour.  The ceilings were high, jacuzzi in the main room and it was extremely posh.

19. Once this tour is over what do you have planned afterwards?

Davey: Of course but we can't reveal that just yet. :)

20. How easy is it to keep the motivation going on a daily basis for Davey Suicide?

Davey: When you have amazing fans and do what you love, it's all about execution.

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