A Skylit Drive Rocks the Valley!

California is home to various hotspots and locations especially in the music scene. Take the valley for instance, in the city of Canoga Park there is a venue known as the Cobalt Cafe it's an all aged venue with no alcohol allowed whatsoever.  So kids can come on bye and enjoy some up-and-comers and even well known acts like Northern Californians A Skylit Drive!

Taking sometime out of recording in the studio working on their yet to be fourth album the band decided to play some laid back shows out to the fans who pondered on what the band had been up too aside from writing and recording material.

So these northerner's decided to invade the valley for the first time ever according to frontman vocalist Jag, the band's welcome was quite welcoming indeed as fans crowded up inside the small sized venue eagerly awaiting the band's arrival to the stage. Close after 10PM lights somewhat dimmed as each member walked upon the stage getting the crowd of concert goers pumped up as "The Cali Bros" rung out fans singing right along to each and every lyric.

Next up was a new tune called "Fallen", followed by old time hits "Knights of the Round", and "Wires (And the Concept of Breathing)", rounding off the set list of around 40 minutes. A Skylit Drive's performance ability was flawless and energetic keeping it altogether as the fans followed through with every hip, skip, and a jump that was requested of them.

The band's abilities as performers was strung along well giving into that energy being released. No stopping whatsoever really, guitarist and drummer giving it all they got, as the keyboardist took control as the bassist while the main bassist took microphone duties screaming his guts out while Jag performed his soft touch melodies that evenly leveled it out.

A Skylit Drive's valley new coming was one that was honored well, fans alike really indicating the loyalty of acknowledging the love and fulfillment of a band they loved so much.

Written and Photographed By: Natalie Perez

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