Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

There is no escape from the mind that is Wednesday 13. He has returned yet again with his now fifth full-length album called "The Dixie Dead" the follow-up to 2011's "Calling All Corpses" and mid life crusher "Spooky and Destroy" an EP released this past Halloween season.

This time around Wednesday 13 has taken his horror based concepts since the start and freshened them up for this fifth redemption's of material, "Blood Sucker", "Get Your Grave", "Curse The Living", "Too Fast For Blood", and "Hands Of The Ripper" these really captures the essence and power that is Wednesday 13. The precise nature of drumming tactics is mixed with that hard rock style of guitar riffs and solo usage that keeps a heavy yet rocking set of material. Whereas the lyrical context is dawned upon the 80's slasher cinema, horror memorabilia, and then some. There is no down sides here whatsoever, Wednesday 13 has kept his mind in this game play of making music that never goes tiring or gets old.

 "The Dixie Dead" packs in all of the elements of a great album with some twists and turns throughout that never gets dull or old upon listening.

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