Torment ID Breaks Up!

California metalheads Torment ID has decided to call it quits and break up! They have left the following message on their Facebook page;

"It comes with an extremely sad heart to have to give this news but, effective today, Torment Id will no longer be a band. It was several circumstances that cause this to occur. The band had been pounding away at the metal scene since 2007. It has seen several line up changes, but alas, it's time to move onto other things. We've made some great friends, and met some awesome fans, but the flag will have to be picked up by someone else, and carried to the field of victory!

Much work had been done to try to give the very best performances, and to give the listener something else to entice their palette.

But, it is Torment Id's time to go. Hopefully, something anew will rise from the ashes, much like the Phoenix.

Fair thee well. Until we meet again on stage, some day."

Check out the interview we conducted with them back in 2010 HERE.

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