Monster High's Got an Invisible Attitude?

Mattel's Monster High line keeps on growing and growing with all new student bodies and now Invisi Billy makes an appearance from the books to the webisodes to now being a new doll? Yep you heard right an all NEW doll!


Invisi Billy
Age: 15
Monster Parents: The Invisible Man
Killer Style: I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to style-definitely a less-is-more kind of monster. I mean you’d never be able to pick me out of a crowd by what I’m wearing.
Freaky Flaw: I’m like totally transparent cause I have absolutely nothing to hide. It gets me in trouble sometimes though cause not every monster appreciates it, so I’m practicing on being more opaque.
Pet: I had a dog once, but I had to give him away because every time I took him out for a walk- animal control would try and pick him up as a stray. Now I have a box, which may or may not contain a cat.
Favorite Activity: I love pulling pranks and practical jokes. I don’t do anything destructive or mean, of course- just funny.
Pet Peeve: When monsters talk about me like I’m not there. It’s totally not scary cool.
Favorite Subject: Physics. I’m like a total science nerd and some of my most epic practical joke ideas have come from experiments we’ve done in class.
Least Favorite Subject: Physical Deaducation. Especially on the days we play football. I’ll be like, “Hey quarterback, I was wide open!” and he’ll be like, “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Lame.
Favorite Color: Camouflage. What? It’s true.
BFF: I can blend in with any crowd.

Invisi Billy

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