The Used - Vulnerable

Well, well, well, it’s been quite some time since we last heard from The Used well no it’s just been 3 years since 2009's "Artwork" hit the streets. Now 3 years later "Vulnerable" has peeked over the horizon and all new label to back it up, will it live up to its previous processors?

"I Come Alive", "This Fire", "Put Me Out", "Now That You're Dead", and "Kiss It Goodbye", are all of the tunes that tend to stand out on this all new release. The instrumentals used throughout this selection is very edgy and upbeat keeping the guitars, bass, and drum lines together while the vocals punch in keeping it constantly flowing. It's energetic and improves the music well enough that it’s worth more than once.

“Vulnerable” is an album that surpasses the time that was once fulfilled uplifting a whole another beginning and upcoming future that The Used will see fit.

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