Job For A Cowboy - Demonocracy

Never really hearing much of their material being pursued through their nine year career Job For A Cowboy has indeed made a name that stands above all the rest. Building a loyal fan base through their extensive amount of touring, recording, and writing of music that it's lead them so far ahead. Thus their third full-length is upon them and it is entitled "Demonocracy", this release alone is far more accomplished and well rounded than their previous releases, thus being far more heavier, musically inspiration and truly bur purely brutal.

Having only original frontman Jonny Davy vocals taking front and center his originality is what brings the brutality of these guys to the fore front, having the instrumentation being more focused and filled with aggressive amounts of energy. For instance on the opener "Children Of Deceit", the vocals are aggressive throughout while the drumming is done fast and well toned leaving the guitars and bass to really bring the rest together in being well developed portions of fast but heavy riffs. "Nourishment Through Bloodshed", and "Tongueless and Bound", uphold these methods used beforehand but extend them just a tad by enhancing the musical portions even further the guitars and drums tend to go even heavier than before being fully direct and adrenaline driven. Again the vocals are brutally dramatic and heard not letting the listener go of its mighty grip.

Lyrically the material really speaks with the listeners and Davy gets into it when it comes to the listener’s really connecting with them “Ruination was a very politically themed record and this one is as well. I'm a guy who loves bands like Napalm Death and Misery Index, bands that stray away from talking about blood, gore, and murder – the stereotypical themes of what you'd normally think of as death metal. Don't get me wrong, I love that in other bands, but I guess I have kind of a punk rock attitude, and I try to cover topics that have a bit more meaning to them," he explains.

It is clear as ever that Job For A Cowboy has indeed made yet another achieving release that goes far and beyond.

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