Miss May I’s Levi Benton’s Secretive Surprises

It was 2007 that kicked started the musical career of Ohio metallers Miss May I with that they went on to get signed to Rise Records releasing two full-lengths having their song "Forgive and Forget" being featured on the Saw VI Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is what really pushed them to the fore front of the music scene. But with that they went on to do an extensive amount of tours and of course write and record for what would be their upcoming third full-length release titled "At Heart". Frontman vocalist Levi Benton spoke to me to discuss the band's upcoming release the band's all new logo and symbol that will represent them from here on out along with more hidden surprises you will only find out right here, right now.

1. So it looks like Miss May I has a lot of NEW things coming up, a new album, new logo, and new symbol, can you tell me about all of this?

Levi: We wanted a new logo because we thought it was about that time to have an official one because we were going to have one change with each album but we wanted something that would last forever. The symbol represents who we are and it’s always been the lion come with us and with this new symbol it has 5 points and 7 little teeth because we got together in 2007 so it’s cool that a lot have people have been catching on and tattooing it really cool.

2. How has the band’s sound evolved from Monument to At Heart?

Levi: It’s a lot more real and passion behind it because that’s why we went with calling it At Heart and we wanted people to be able to relate to it because everything about it comes from us and our hearts.

3. What inspired the album title? Is it a concept album?

Levi: Well it’s not really a concept I don’t know we named it At Heart because its stuff we never really wanted to sing about because we thought it was too deep, but we wanted the stuff to be real and from the heart on this album; whether it’s a messed up song or not its stuff that really happened and came from our hearts.

4. You worked with producer Machine what was that experience like?

Levi: Oh it was awesome he pushed us really hard to be a better band and we became a better band and he’s all about live stuff and he’s all about emotion and makes sure the listener can feel and relate.

5. How would you say that the writing process has differed in the lyrical department on this release?

Levi: It was our first time we got to do pre-production so we got to sit down and write the CD and listen to it and be able to change things and see if this worked or this was dumb so we never got to do this before so Machine knew all about pre-production so we went with it.

6. What about the album artwork and tracklisting is there a date set for when those will be revealed?

Levi: The album artwork will be released tomorrow so when you see it it’s us speaking from the heart and us being from a kid to a grown-up is just coming from the heart.

7. What are your expectations for the CD?

Levi: Hoping it’s a good album from front to back it’s the first album that I’m really proud of all the other CDs and songs I wasn’t really excited about, but this CD I’m really excited about front to back hoping that it’s a good album through and through for kids so that’s my biggest expectation.

8. Will there be pre-orders available for this album?

Levi: Yes not sure when but it will be soon.

9. When can we expect the first single to be released?

Levi: In a couple of weeks and comes with a video too so a lot of little surprises going on.

10. You guys are currently on tour with Whitechapel and After The Burial then next month you're going to Europe and then returning to the states in May, you guys are just going to be all over the place aren't you?

Levi: Yeah we’re always on tour, we haven’t done Japan yet but I heard we’re going there this summer, with South East Asia and all of that so rocking that this summer.

11. Have you been road testing any of the new material? If so, how have audiences reacted to the new material?

Levi: Yeah we’ve been playing our first single called “Hey Mister”on the new tour and it’s actually pretty crazy because usually with the new songs the kids would just listen but they’re really getting crazier with the new material that they don’t even know the words to yet but I’m excited for them to hear it when it’s finished.

12. What else can we expect from you guys in 2012?

Levi: Actually in a few days we got a big announcement and got plans this summer and new record and touring non-stop so should be good. We got new management so we get to be the metal band we’ve always wanted to be.

13. Anything else you’d like to say or promote?

Levi: Our biggest slogan is “Stay Metal” that’s my biggest one.

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