SweetEverAfter - My Death

When you get a band like SweetEverAfter you wouldn’t know what to expect until you have a listen but isn’t that the case with any band you may have never heard of? Well now you have heard of them and they are another typical hard rock band sweeping the current music scene.

With the release of their debut album "My Death" the bands hard rock approach hits it spot on with energy and raw emotion. Lyrical context is driven to the heart with songs like “Find Myself”, “Dead Flowers”, “Somebody to Love”, and “Hater”. These songs really bring out the instrumental portions this band can dish out from heavy guitar riffs to mellow driven bass licks to drum patterns that seem everlasting, really keeps the music flowing from start to finish.

SweetEverAfter has got something going here and is surly not going to let it go to waste not by a long shot.

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