Earlier this year, San Diego’s brutal death metal/slam outfit Pathology completed a successful 3-week west coast headlining tour that also went down into Mexico for 4 shows.

“Our west coast tour was fun and successful,” states drummer Dave Astor. “We really got to play some smaller markets on the run and I was happy to see some old and new fans come out, especially to some of these more rural areas that we’ve never played. Hopefully we can do this as intensive west coast run once a year.”

Next on the band’s agenda is more touring, in support of last fall’s Awaken to the Suffering album. Pathology took the initiative of doing headlining shows leading to a request for a slightly different type of tour this April with Rose Funeral and The World We Knew, getting into some alternative venues on the east coast and Midwest.

“I’m excited for this,” continues Dave. “We’ve been proud to tour with some of our influences but we also know our band appeals to a different and younger audience so we’ll be bringing some brutal, slamming death metal to these shows.”

In addition, in May Pathology will be back out with a full US and Canadian tour opening for the legendary Destruction, with a package rounded out by Warbringer and Vital Remains.

“We’re very excited to do the Destruction tour. Again, it’s a different kind of tour but it features a nice mix of old and new thrash and death metal. We’ll play in front of a crowd who may be unfamiliar with Pathology but we look forward to making a strong impact and earning some new fans and having a great time out there,” comments Dave.

Tour Dates:
w/ Warbringer, Destruction, Vital Remains
05/04/2012 - San Diego, CA @ BRICK BY BRICK
05/08/2012 - Denver, CO @ Casselman's
05/10/2012 - Chicago, IL @ Reggies Rock Club
05/12/2012 - Lansing, MI @ Blackend Moon Concert Hall
05/16/2012 - NEW YORK, NY @ BB KINGS
05/17/2012 - Pawtucket, RI @ The Met
05/18/2012 - Ottawa, ON, CA @ Mavericks
05/19/2012 - Toronto, ON, CA @ The Rockpile
05/22/2012 - Pueblo, CO @ Kim's Pixie Inn
05/24/2012 - San Juan Capistrano, CA @ The Coach House
05/26/2012 - OAKLAND, CA @ THE METRO
05/30/2012 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven

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