All But A Memory - Animus

All But A Memory getting their start just two years ago the band went straight away with taking this thought up idea and bringing it right to the table making it vivid and real. As such these musicians went on to cover Ke$ha's smash hit "Take It Off", from then on the rest would be considered history.

Since the band has written and recorded what would be their debut album "Animus" with this they have taken the use of electronica and infused it with the hardcore momentum that has swept the music scene since the very beginning... BUT they of course have added their own flare of musical touches. "If We're Still Alive In The Morning...", really provides that essence that is All But A Memory having that develop into "Swallow The Ocean", while the rest all cease to be intermission instrumentals that are done quite well.

All But A Memory is surely to be the next thing to ever have hit the music scene falling in between the lines of Asking Alexandria meets Alesana among other notable musicians sweeping the scene as we speak.

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