Design The Skyline - Nevaeh

Corpus Christi, Texans, Design The Skyline have formatted their use of pop edgy rock infused with electronic metal elements that expand their own brand of what they consider music. Thus the birth of their debut entitlement "Nevaeh" released by Victory Records this past summer. Design The Skyline's signing to Victory Records was not of this world and spread fast igniting feedback and comments like never before. The buzz got so engrossed that they are surly going to be one of those you'll be talking about.

As such this album takes a step forward rather than two steps back because their earlier works took hold of the eletronica-core sound and went for a whole another approach deathcore. Thus this move was a remarkable one and has made their style more enjoyable. Now the first track "Crystal Swords Kill The Hordes" is downright heavy duty and raw material having various breakdowns with grinding and clearing vocals that has you taking sides from time to time. "Destroyer" continues to maintain this pulse of material while "Break Free From Your Life" on the other hand mellows it down just a tad having more clear vocals than screaming ones. As the album continues to progress that mellow dramatic use that was put into effect is not left alone, because there is not one but three instrumental tunes included towards the last half of the album making these works quite impressive.

Clearly fans of Asking Alexandria, A Skylit Drive, and Suicide Silence should feel at ease after having a listen.

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