Margin of Error – What You Are About to Witness

Conceived within that darkness that is Cleveland, OH, Margin of Error began just five years ago and since then has released not one but two releases thus far. Their first debut entitled “Destroy. Create. Repeat.”(2008) then one year later their follow-up “What You Are About to Witness” came about.

This concept driven release is based upon the thoughts of a serial killer and what the process is behind it all. So with such brutality lying within there is absolutely no boundaries to this album, because it’s apocalyptic sound captives the listener from start to finish. Like take the title track this has brutality written all over it the heavy thunder of the guitars with screeching vocal chords makes the music shiver.

Whereas “We Are the End”, brings the music to a standstill doing a complete flip flop if you will because the music is more mellow but consists of a little heaviness every so often but remains to that mellow up and down tone of beat. “Your Life in Playback”, manages to combine the two previous tracks mentioned, it captures the mellowness while clashing the heaviness into it, blending an overdramatic sensation of music that brings to mind, Motionless in White meets Suicide Silence.

 Margin of Error is the new breed of what deathcore and brutality music is all about and if you aren’t a follower then you should be, because these guys have what it takes and have no remorse for those who doubt them. 

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