Frantic Amber - Demo

In just two short years, Stockholm/Sweden's all-girls-band Frantic Amber, were attitude adjusted and filled with brutalizing force just ready to explode. Now that they’ve released a 5-song demo it is time for their voices to be heard once and for all.

The demo starts off with the song entitled 'Bloodlust", which captures a rather slow but steady pace up the ladder if you will. It builds the music from the ground up and lets out a rupture of energy which can be noticed on "Doomed to Walk This Earth". That captives the music's ability of loud guitars with an aggressive field of energetic propositions that cannot be contemned. "The Awakening", and "Unbreakable" retrace back to how "Bloodlust" was laid out, having the same formula except with added additions here and there. For instance the vocal chords are deeper stretching the lyrics as they're being spoken.

Lastly comes "Wrath of Judgment", the one that also has its video counterpart completes this demo in a thunderous wrath of rage unlike never before. This song compels the listener from the inside out embracing the music at the forefront and letting it all easily seep into their flesh. So as Frantic Amber put it, "hear me roar, taste my wrath, and watch me rise above", which is precisely what these ladies plan to do.

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