Monster High Deadly Arrival at Claire's

The retailer known as Claire's has an assortment of accessories ranging from jewelry, clothing, bags, make-up, you name they got it. The store is aimed towards young girls and women aged 3 to 28 but does age really matter? If you like the product go ahead and buy it am I right? Anyway Claire's has over 3,000 locations worldwide, 95% to be precise, within the U.S. shopping malls alone, along with 27 other countries. Claire's is also known for doing the most ear piercings than any other retailer around, more than over 80 million within 25 years and countng. So now that you know the lowdown, Clarie's has recently been invaded by Mattel's highly popular Monster High frachise, and has an arrangement of items to choose from; necklaces, rings, lip gloss, make-up, plus tons of other ghoulish goodies to sink your teeth into. Catch what the buzz is all about below.

Draculaura/Monster High Logo Ring

Draculaura Necklace "Love Bites"
Clawdeen Wolf's Bracelet

Frankie Stein, Drauclaura, Clawdeen Wolf Lip Gloss Set

Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf Make-Up Set

Frankie Stein Set

Frankie Stein Info

Draculaura Set

Draculaura Info

Clawdeen Wolf Set

Clawdeen Wolf Info

These are all of the items available at Claire's thus far but one item is missing from this set, Frankie Stein has her own necklace just like Drauclaura's except hers is of course her colors. So if you haven't already go hunt these items down because 'FREAKY JUST GOT FABULOUS"!

Photo Credit: PFXProductions

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