Good Charlotte - Cardiology

Good Charlotte's fifth album to date "Cardiology” has been long overdue. Since we last heard from Good Charlotte was precisely three years ago when the era of "Good Morning Revival", (2007) was in existence. Now that the past is far behind them, Good Charlotte has stepped forward and this time around, it’s like the band hasn’t really changed much of anything.

The music displayed on this album is quick each song decrypting the same formula over and over using the same chorus structure and instrumental texture that it just lags the quality of the music altogether. This formula has been overused so much so that it’s lost its touch. Good Charlotte hasn’t changed at all really either.

Their appearance may have but their musical style has not which is sad. The old school Good Charlotte days was when the band were at their best, the dawn of “The Young and the Hopeless”, (2002) and “The Chronicles of Life and Death”, (2004) was when the band were in a darker focus and full of life. This time, “Cardiology”, is just the rebirth of “Good Morning Revival” (2007) and that’s saying something, because repeating yourself twice is a problem, but will it happen a third time, most likely.

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