Monster High's Clawdeen Wolf's Dead Tired Bedding Playset?

Little is known about it but Mattel is going to be releasing it. Coming during the first quarter of the New Year is Clawdeen Wolf's Dead Tired and Bed Playset. Though no photos are available at this time, but it should be a lot like Frankie Stein's and Draculaura's bedding play sets. Now all that's left is the wonder of what theme is behind this, what do you think the daughter of the Wolfman would be caught sleeping in?

Also don't forget about the third wave of Monster High products, such as the basic doll's featuring Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergiest along with the Draculaura/Clawdeen Wolf gift pack and the fashion gift set which will most likely feature an arrangment of clothing.

Lastly Claire's girly shop now has Monster High merchandise available for purchase which features an assortment of rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ribbons, among other ghoulific merchandise. Check it out below.

Draculaura/Monster High Logo Ring

Draculaura Necklace "Love Bites"
Clawdeen Wolf's Bracelet

Frankie Stein, Drauclaura, Clawdeen Wolf Lip Gloss Set

Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf Make-Up Set

Frankie Stein Set

Frankie Stein Info

Draculaura Set

Draculaura Info

Clawdeen Wolf Set

Clawdeen Wolf Info

These are all of the items available at Claire's thus far but one item is missing from this set, Frankie Stein has her own necklace just like Drauclaura's except hers is of course her colors. So if you haven't already go hunt these items down because 'FREAKY JUST GOT FABULOUS"!

Photo Credit: PFXProductions

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