It’s Alive – Human Resources

Raw emotional energy is thrown about when it comes to It's Alive's debut album, "Human Resources", which showcases not only it's emotional context but its hard hitting case of memorable choruses with strong vocal tactics of Zach Webb that makes It's Alive quite promising indeed.

With this said, "Human Resources" does come into a mild crossover here and there sharing a similar trait to that of Linkin Park's style and characteristic ability. Take their current single "Pieces" its mellow but fast pacing moments drives the music into that area and makes the music hard yet mellow. Whereas other tunes like "The Bottom", and "Liar" play out to be nothing more than your average take on what rock music is truly made of in today's context. It’s Alive has built a ground of solid distorted power chord capabilities that really draw in the music.

“Human Resources”, is surly a complex source of material that invades the minds of the modern day rocker and equips them with such raw emotional material that it keeps them wanting more. It’s Alive is here to stay and will never be broken down to the pieces that they so claim of in this debut album effort.

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