Scar For Life – It All Fades Away

It's been two years since their self-titled release back in 2008. Now that the past is far behind them it's time to move on to the future and this time around introduces us to their follow-up "It All Fades Away". The album consists of 12-tracks having a total running time of 55 minutes in length "It All Fades Away" brings to mind another gothic but heavy metal compromise Still Phantoms a local attitude adjustment straight out of sunny Southern California. Whilst Still Phantoms and Scar For Life may have similarities as far as music goes their style is still quite different. As such take Scar For Life's "My Darkest Journey", "Cold Blood", and "Here Comes The Night", each of these have solid material for a band such as this one.

The instrumentals used here are ten times better than their previous release going down a whole another direction of ability. Take the guitars and drumming attics both of which comprise this strong yet brutalizing sound that keeps the music at bay but still shakes it to the core. While the vocal chords have a harmonic sense and feel having that vibration to that of Amy Lee of Evanescence’s style and tone of beats.

Though the music is solid and heavy throughout the album’s progression Scar For Life still manages to pack in all of the right motives throughout. Having strong momentum with outstanding energy from beginning to end, Scar For Life is sure to be the next thing to change the way we see music because they have the style and they got the attitude to even it all out. 

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