New Medicine - Race You To The Bottom

We all know what time of year it is. It’s time for school to begin and it’s also that time of year that the flu academics are amongst us once again.  But this isn’t your typical flu this flu has a cure and there’s only one solution which is New Medicine. Now you’re probably thinking “what?” well this isn’t really medicine it’s the name of a Minneapolis, Minnesota rock band, and they’ve come to drain away all of the everyday problems that may be lying within.

“Race You to the Bottom”, is the upcoming debut album and all they can show from it is your average aspect on what today’s rock sounds like. Take their two current singles, “Laid”, and ‘The Takeover”, these two instantly showcase a crossover of Papa Roach meets heavy duty rockers Halestorm whom is on the road with New Medicine right now as we speak. Both acts are taking part in the first addition of this year’s Uproar Festival that began its touring circuit this past summer and will wrap-up in October.

Anyway New Medicine’s style is sleek and very hard and heavy demonstrating some raw flawless energy that gives way to some emotional context that overpowers the listener. Their lyrical content is very upfront and brings out the emotion lying beneath the musical surface. Speaking of which, the instrumental work done here is really well thought out and has some creative outlooks throughout the album, the guitar work is clean and crisp while the vocals are right on target.

As far as the rest of the album goes, New Medicine not only releases the emotion to the listener but it engulfs them as well with such tunes as “Little Sister’, and the title track these two have real mellow dramatic appeal that indicates what New Medicine’s ability and skills are all about. There is no doubt that Jake Scherer, Dan Garland, Matthew Brady, and Ryan Guanzon will be the upcoming successors of many years to come.

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