It’s Morphin Time! At the Pasadena Convention Center with the Power Morphicon 2010

A celebration is one thing but a convention is another story…. When the two of these meet it’s a reign of chaos that will cease to exist. On the weekend of August 27-29th 2010 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California that has not only held a wide range of events since the beginning has been given the opportunity to welcome the fans of the most popular franchise of all time, the Power Rangers!

If you’re not familiar with the series it's been a long-running American entertainment/merchandising franchise built around a live action children's television series featuring teams of costumed heroes/heroines. Its first entry and most popular one to date was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that debuted on August 28, 1993 (celebrating its 17th anniversary) that helped launch Fox's Kids programming network during the 1990s. Since then the series has gone through 17 seasons in total all rendering the many sagas and eras that Power Rangers has succeeded in.

Whilst the series has seen its popularity ratings soar up high in the sky this convention known as the Power Morphicon, which began in 2007 has had a string of fans follow in its footsteps. Since its first appearance the convention has played host to honoring and welcoming not only the fans that grew up with the beloved franchise but the cast and crew as well. Some of the actors/actresses that have been with this series since the start come out to the convention and meet the fans who have grown up with the series and all the other series that followed it. Some guests in attendance Jason David Frank whose played the Green Ranger and White Ranger in the beginning and later portrayed the Red Zero Ranger, as well as the Black Dino Ranger from the Power Rangers saga Dino Thunder among being in a few other spin-offs to the series. Walter Emanuel Jones who played the original Black Ranger from the first entry of the series was also in attendance meeting with fans talking about the series and how much it’s changed his life. Some of the ally characters included Alpha 6, Farkus Bulkmeier "Bulk" along with his sidekick Eugene Skullovitch "Skull". One other of the originals was the high school teacher Ms. Appleby portrayed by Royce Herron.

As the original cast left new recruits came in to take their place, Catherine Sutherland portrayed the second Pink Ranger, while Karan Ashley played the second Yellow Ranger, and Johnny Young Bosch was the second Black Ranger while Steve Cardenas played the role for the second Red Ranger. These actors were too in attendance, as well as the entire cast of the later spin-off series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and some of the cast from the Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Wild Force, Pretty and Powerful, Turbo, Time Force, and SPD spin-offs.

While the fans were meeting up with their beloved heroes the vendors were hard at work selling merchandise talking with some of the more dedicated fans within the bunch a handful of which came dressed in costume to later be counted in for the costume contest that was held later that evening.  But as much as the fun had begun it would soon turn deadly for the villains would conquer the convention center as we knew it, entering a room filled with tables and chairs to answer fan submitted questions, entailing their stories of what once was.

Through it all its second year run was surly a huge success in the long –run. For without the fans the Power Rangers would have never existed.

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