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If music took form of a human being there only be one suitor and that would be Success! Born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 13th, this musical sensation has been taking shape expanding his mind and form since birth. Evolving into the everyday lifestyle he claims as his own today. Success has been rapping ever since his memory could recall coming out with such thunderous force at hand with powerful sound, the songs he'd come up with cannot be placed into proper words. Let alone duplicated or denied by anyone but himself. He is sure to set high standards and become one of the greatest known artists around, taking the ranks of Jay-Z to Kanye West, this inspiration of hope and glory shall rein above all others. Bringing fourth his true strength and courage from the streets to the jammed pack wall to wall crowds of the club scene. Success mentions a little about his lifestyle growing up and how music entered his life and never left: "I grew up with my family, mom/dad/sisters/brother etc having my mother along with 4 sisters and my father, it was hard being the only boy. I listened to pop; jazz and hip hop music while growing up. My sisters loved pop music but my father loved jazz music but being the only boy, I decided to go another route and listen to something totally different. Then hip-hop became my savior." Going onward Success discusses his music style while growing up into the man he's become: "I was surrounded by thugs, gangsters, drug dealers etc. I was young and as I was told young people’s brains pick up things like a sponge. I never gang banged or sold drugs or nothing like that but just seeing others with baggy clothes and du rags and scarfs made me want to dress and present my self like that. It became apart of my music. As I got older I started to get out more and see different things and my music and image changed. I look more presentable and my music is more presentable. I'm happy that I'm more mature then others." Success also recalls when his musical career started to take off and actually unfold: “It started off when I was in the 5th grade. I went from the lunch room tables to the studios of New York, my cousin Jason “Young Mula"Moore helped me find myself in music. He introduced me to the hip-hop world and way of life. I didn't have that much family support but I still kept my head up. A lot of people thought I would grow up to be nothing. But I’m happy now and they only thought that because they witnessed me grow." Going into Success's life even deeper I conducted an interview with the new and upcoming rapper going into a more in depth look of the hip-hop franchise.....

An interview with Success:

1. Do you have any fond memories of family vacations that you took as a kid?

Virginia was a good vacation as a kid and a great birthday present. I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d never been out of Brooklyn before so it was something totally new. I went to Bush Gardens & Water Country U.S.A. I don't know how to swim, but I love water. (Laughing) I was about 12 years old. That was the greatest day of my life and more to come.

2. How do you feel about being considered this iconic artist of this music scene you're apart of, with a lot of other artists copying one another possibly even you.

Well music is about building art and good sound setting trends is the main goal in music today. If someone was to copy me it would be like buying a "bootleg" DVD, unclear, unprofessional, and noncreative and it has no originality to it. Get the picture?

3. Does it ever cross your mind what people may be saying about you? Like for example "You're not going to be around in five years..." What do you think of someone saying that?

I always like to prove others wrong especially when it comes down to my career. I've been told a lot of negative things, from family to friends. It just pushes me to work harder. I haven't had much support and I've been doing this all by myself. Never had a manager a day in my life so I guess that I'm dominate enough to handle my career on my own.

4. Do you think that there are people that will never understand your type/style of music?

Of course. There’s people out here who either can't understand the happiness or struggle I've been threw because they probably never experienced it. That is exactly why I listen to what the people have to say so that i can relate. Making music is about the experience just like life.

5. Do you think being a musician ages you prematurely?

Not really. There's a lot of artist around my age group like bow wow, Chris Brown and other artist. They always kept me going because watching them succeed has been entertaining to me and made me want to push more.

6. What's the closest you've come to accomplishing what you set out to do with Success?

The summer of 2007, I was featured in Flaunt magazine as a Versace model. I think that's just a message saying that there's more to come and it’s only the beginning. I can't wait to have a better feeling.

7. Are you a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas film/franchise it’s caused.

Yes I am. That’s a dope movie. I watched it a lot when I was a kid. My favorite character is the old man in the wheel chair. That dude was a pimp lol but besides that I really enjoyed the movie. It’s a great film.

8. What instruments do you use when creating your music? I've known/seen hip-hop/rap to use DJ equipment, but ever think of using an electric guitar having a killer solo or anything in a few tunes?

The only equipment I use is the mic. I would like to start playing instruments. What do you think? Not a lot of hip hop know how to play instruments think you just gave me a idea. I'm going to show you what open minds create.

9. Why did you pick the name “Success" to consider yourself as?

It’s something I'm destined to be. It’s a journey. I live it everyday. Just waking every morning is a success and I've made that decision. I could of been out here in the real world doing something unprofessional with my life like some others who don't care about there’s breathing success and I live it to the fullest.

10. Lastly does the Success have any tips or advice to send out to his fans?

Yes I just wanted to let everyone know that i love them and i really appreciate the support. Never let someone bring you down. We are all human beings and we make mistakes but at the same time live from them. Stand strong and be yourself. Live life.

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